IFA-Kardan GmbH produces cardan shafts with universal joints and individually-jointed drive shafts for machine building and off-highway applications. Our special machinery enables our clients to choose from a diverse modular program with different torques.


Features of products made by IFA-Kardan:

  • transmittable torque from 500-7.000 Nm 
  • Maximum articulation/bend angle of 35°
  • Rotation diameter from 70-142 mm
  • Flange diameter from 65-150 mm
  • SAE connections
  • Maintenance-free models
  • Special models 

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Industrial products made by IFA-Kardan



  • Drive shafts with cover tube
  • Drive shafts with extended length compensation
  • Drive shafts without length compensation
  • Splined shaft joints (slip joint)
  • Weld yoke type u-joint
  • Flange joints
  • Double joints
  • Splined shaft with cover tube
  • Splined shaft with extended length compensation
  • Closed / open DIN flanges
  • SAE flanges / u-joint spider sets
  • Butt weld catch / cover tube