Constant velocity joints

IFA Rotorion develops and produces expert solutions in series-production quality in collaboration with our clients. Depending on requirements, we offer a number of different types of CV joints.


In the automotive industry CV joints are used in sideshafts and propshafts. These homokinetic joints transfer the torques, allow the joint to bend and compensate for length changes resulting from the kinematics of the powertrain, if required. They have the advantage of transmitting rotation at any angle at constant speed, which means that the angular velocity of the output shaft is the same as that of the input shaft whatever the operating angle of the joint, as is the case with articulated u-joints.


Overview of CV joints made by IFA Rotorion

  • IXP plunging joint
  • IXF fixed joint based on an IXP plunging joint
  • IUF undercut free fixed joint
  • IHF high speed fixed joint
  • IHC high speed compact plunging joint
  • IDF double offset fixed joint

Advantages of CV joints at a glance

  • constant transmission
  • high speeds
  • no w- or z-arrangement required
  • articulation and plunging possible in a single joint
  • good sound properties
  • low weight
  • maintenance-free