Universal joints


IFA Rotorion produces and develops universal joints ranging from small to medium-sized versions, with u-joint bearings from 22 to 31 mm. Our clients have come to trust and rely on universal joints made by IFA Rotorion time and again, as they are made specifically to our clients’ requirements.


Universal joints present a cost-efficient, ideal option for transferring the torque between non-aligned shafts under conditions of changing bend angles. Often these varying conditions are caused by structural and body movements in the propshaft contained in the vehicle's powertrain. Our joints are maintenance-free throughout the vehicle’s life cycle.


In close collaboration with our clients and by adhering to their specifications, we determine the required size of a joint and define how to connect it to the gearbox and rear axle differential.


Advantages of universal joints at a glance

  • cost efficient
  • tried and tested technology
  • maintenance-free
  • modular system or
  • nominal sizes upon request

We offer application-specific universal joints for clients of IFA Rotorion in the following areas

  • commercial vehicles
  • passenger cars
  • motorcycles
  • industry