Lightweight engineering is the future

In recent years, lightweight engineering has gained enormous importance in the automotive industry. That is why IFA Rotorion invests heavily in this exciting field of the future. IFA-Technologies GmbH’s 50 development engineers work on visionary and innovative lightweight engineering products, including not only joints and shafts, but also other components made of fiber composites. Thanks to the use of these high-tech materials it is possible to both reduce weight and thus save energy, and boost vehicle safety.


Lightweight engineering means diversity

Together with our clients we determine the ideal material mix for the type of use of a particular product. For lightweight applications, we combine various materials to create a range of different products made of fiber-reinforced composites. Each material is used where it makes the most sense.


Lightweight parts benefit the environment

To be fit for the future, today’s cars need to shed a few kilos or pounds so that they use less energy and emit fewer pollutants into the environment. Every gram counts! A hundred kilograms less means a car consumes around five percent less fuel. In addition, lightweight engineering strives to save resources, manufacturing and assembly costs as well as expenses for running the car. 


Innovative lightweight products made by IFA

A recent study of a visionary lightweight car seat highlights the IFA Rotorion’s innovative impulse. The "Reduced Complexity Seating" has no joints. Due to the use of modern fiber composites, the seat’s weight could be halved compared to the previous series frame. Thanks to efficient lightweight engineering , manufacturing costs for car seats could be slashed significantly. This weight reduction provides even more advantages for future cars such as improved energy efficiency and safety features. The RCS Project received an award as part of the "Germany – Land of Ideas" Initiative.


More innovative parts include carbon fibre anti roll bars, torsional springs and suspension parts. Due to a very unique production driven layout, these parts combine 50% weight reduction and cost effectiveness and still maintain durability and stiffness.





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