Personnel development

At IFA ROTORION we understand that each individual personality requires an individual development approach. Our personalized training plans encourage personal growth and advancement at every level of the organization. Developing and supporting our workforce is an essential element to our competitive strategy and enables us to meet our high standards of quality.


Regular staff appraisals and an on-going training concept guarantee us and our clients top-quality performance and foster a motivating corporate culture. Strategic personnel development means always being one step ahead. This allows us to recognize the need for business and personnel changes, so that we will be able to make better decisions and respond to issues appropriately.

IFA and Nathusius — Where tradition meets future


IFA and Nathusius are two names with a long history in Saxony-Anhalt: some 250 years ago, the Nathusius family helped change and shape the region around Haldensleben by fostering its economic development and stimulating trade, by introducing the steam engine and expanding into the sugar, porcelain, ceramics and tobacco sectors. For more than 50 years, IFA has stood for automobility.

Tradition met the future in Haldensleben in 1992, when Heinrich von Nathusius privatized the former East German „VEB IFA- Gelenkwelle“ to become „IFA-Maschinenbau“. Long-standing experience in the sector, a good instinct for the right business decision, and excellent staff have moved the company into the fast lane and made it market leader for drive shafts in Europe.

Family-owned companies stand for responsibility and sustainability, for continuity and predictability. Flat hierarchies and a strong sense of personal responsibility form the basis for working together and achieving success.

Success has many fathers and mothers as well as proud offspring. That is why we need you and look forward to meeting you.