Dr. Eckart Reihlen assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer (COO) of IFA Rotorion – Holding GmbH on October 1, 2015. As COO, Eckart Reihlen is responsible for the manufacturing, production planning, logistics, quality assurance and research and development activities of all companies under the IFA Group worldwide.


Eckart Reihlen’s most important aim is to strengthen the competitiveness and innovative capacity of IFA. This can only be achieved by further tightening the network of production sites worldwide, establishing global procurement, fully developing new products according to production requirements, and improving the professional development of employees.


Eckart Reihlen has 25 years experience in various management roles at Bosch. He has proven expertise in efficiently implementing product development and manufacturing processes. Most recently he headed the Bosch Group’s largest branch in Russia. The electrical engineer, who holds a doctoral degree, completed his studies at the TU Berlin and the University of Utah in the US.


Eckart Reihlen (born 1964) is married and has three children. In his free time he enjoys traveling and spending time with his family and extended family. He also enjoys playing golf, table tennis, volleyball and road cycling, and even juggles flaming torches for his children’s birthday parties. The Reihlen family has found a new home in Calvörde.


IFA is a name with a long tradition. The abbreviation once stood for “Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau” (Industrial Association of Vehicle Construction) and formed part of the name of all automotive factories and complexes in former East Germany. In 1992, Heinrich von Nathusius privatized the company and continues to shape it to this day.


In 2009, IFA merged with Rotorion GmbH of Friedrichshafen. Since October 2010, the company has been operating under the name IFA ROTORION – Holding GmbH. It generated an annual turnover of some EUR 566 million in 2016.


Today, the IFA-Group has operations in Haldensleben, Irxleben, and Charleston,South Carolina (USA), where 2.500 employees manufacture propshafts, CV and universal joints. In the fall of 2014, production runs in its own factory in Shanghai / China. We also provide development services to other industrial enterprises in the fields of drive engineering and lightweight construction.


The IFA-Group ranks among the leading manufacturers of drive shafts in Europe and is the largest automotive supplier in Saxony-Anhalt.