Mauro Amarante was born in Brazil on November 6, 1960 and has gained over 35 years of international experience in various branches, including the electrical industry, chemical, agriculture, mining, and the automobile industry in Brazil, Mexico, the United States and Germany. He completed his education at a technical-oriented school with a concentration in computer sciences and continued on to receive his Master’s in Business Administration in Brazil. He speaks fluent English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese as his native language. In 1980 Mauro Amarante began his professional career with Siemens as a trainee in the commercial sector, developing further into a controller and becoming responsible for numerous commercial functions, such as in switchgear technology in Berlin, Germany. In the end of the nineties Mauro Amarante worked as the primary controller for the Ometto Group, a sugar and ethanol producing company in Brazil with over 4000 employees.


In January 2001, he switched to the major corporation ThyssenKrupp. Aside from being head of accounting, controlling and tax matters at numerous sites, he also coordinated the implementation of sales reporting on an SAP basis for locations in Brazil, the United States and Germany. A few years later he was named CFO within the ThyssenKrupp Corporation for Mexico and afterwards the United States. In July 2008 he took over as Site Manager in Brazil, leading over 2,000 employees at Metso, an international technology corporation, which operates in the mining, construction, paper, and oil industries.


In May 2011, Mauro Amarante began his career with IFA Rotorion as CFO of the subsidiary IFA ROTORION – North America LLC located in Charleston, South Carolina. Additionally, in April 2012 he took over the commercial leadership of IFA Rotorion. In January 2013, Mr. Amarante became Global CFO at IFA ROTORION – Holding GmbH in Haldensleben, Germany. Since July 1, 2014 Mauro Amarante has been the President/CEO for IFA ROTORION – North America LLC.




IFA is a name with a long tradition. The abbreviation once stood for “Industrieverband Fahrzeugbau” (Industrial Association of Vehicle Construction) and formed part of the name of all automotive factories and complexes in former East Germany. In 1992, Heinrich von Nathusius privatized the company and continues to shape it to this day.


In 2009, IFA merged with Rotorion GmbH of Friedrichshafen. Since October 2010, the company has been operating under the name IFA ROTORION – Holding GmbH. It generated an annual turnover of some EUR 566 million in 2016.


Today, the IFA-Group has operations in Haldensleben, Irxleben, and Charleston,South Carolina (USA), where 2.500 employees manufacture propshafts, CV and universal joints. In the fall of 2014, production runs in its own factory in Shanghai / China. We also provide development services to other industrial enterprises in the fields of drive engineering and lightweight construction.


The IFA-Group ranks among the leading manufacturers of drive shafts in Europe and is the largest automotive supplier in Saxony-Anhalt.