Custom-made prop shafts

IFA Rotorion develops and produces prop shafts for front, rear, and all-wheel drive passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. All large European OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) already benefit from IFA's ingenious solutions in series production quality. Depending on our clients' needs, IFA prop shafts include one, two or three-piece models with a u-joint, CV joint or rubber disc.

Prop shafts are made of steel, aluminum or fiber composites. That is why we place particular importance on optimizing weight and usage, which in return requires close collaboration with the client.

IFA Rotorion stands for expert solutions that meet series quality requirements - from preparing technical specifications to detailed designs ready for series production. Our clients rely on our expertise and long-term experience. This is why we already rank among the world's largest manufacturers of propshafts.


Solutions that will shape the future

Today's prop shafts must meet rigorous requirements. Engineers at IFA-Technologies GmbH provide their clients with visionary solutions to meet challenges such as increasing performance requirements, optimized acoustics, cost and weight reduction, and space-saving installation solutions. Our lightweight construction specialists work on increasing the use of fiber composites. Our clients benefit daily from IFA Rotorion's innovative potential.


IFA prop shaft - Best in class in the world

Nothing in the world even comes close to IFA's new state-of-the-art prop shaft for SUVs such as the Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen's Touareg. What makes it special is the fact that it can be inserted in the front and rear which saves twelve screws and, most of all, reduces weight.

Another unique feature is IFA's ball spline. It keeps the shaft flexible when the chassis compresses and stretches. In contrast to traditional technology, the shaft runs on balls so that it always delivers maximum torque. We have also come up with an ingenious crash behavior solution. In case of an accident, all the joints, the ball spline, and the entire shaft will collapse completely.

Drive shaft

Drive shafts are used in the automotive industry to transfer the torque produced by the engine from the gearbox to the drive wheels. Since today’s motor vehicles use various drive concepts (front, rear and, all-wheel drive), drive shafts must meet a host of requirements. To accommodate the steering movement, cars with front-wheel drive require increased articulation. All-wheel and rear-wheel drive vehicles with a front engine need a propshaft to transfer the torque to the rear differential.