Research and development

Trendsetting research and sustainable development are part and parcel of the success story of IFA. Engineers with IFA-Technologies GmbH can draw on a wealth of experience in designing and sizing joints and shafts, as well as in lightweight construction.


Ideas are translated into innovation using the latest technologies. We ensure all-round technical assistance from the drawing board to testing and series maturity.


Testing center and sample shop

IFA-Technologies GmbH runs a large testing center that may also be used by third parties. Any impact that might occur during the life span of a drive shaft can be simulated on one of our 14 test stands where burst, crash, NVH, acoustic, life span and leak tests are performed, or in one of the available climate chambers (-41°C to 200°C/humidity). This allows engineers to quickly and reliably test new developments. IFA-Technologies also builds close-to-production and series-integrated sample shop.


Lightweight construction

Another innovative element of research and development at IFA is lightweight construction. Specialized engineers develop and design components and parts for the automotive industry made of fiber composites (carbon fiber, carbon, glass fiber).


Learn more about our expertise in lightweight construction. 

> Lightweight construction

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